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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Any Red-Blooded Girl

Any Red-Blooded Girl (The Flora Fontain Series) by Maggie Bloom

I'm shocked to say that this is going to be the second book that i would not recommend.  Unlike the other one i cant really even list something that i found interesting in this book.

Obviously this story follows the main character Flora on a 6 day camping trip with her parents, one that will be taking place on her birthday.  The first day on the trip she notices a boy outside of one of her parents pit-stops and automatically feels something for him, first being described as lust.  The when they actually get to the camp grounds she runs into him again only this time to talk to him.  As soon as they talk its decided that there in love.  After this point the spend the 5 days together in complete love and how happy they are that they found "the one".  Then when she is finally taken away from him and bailed out of jail, due to an interesting shoplifting spree, she cant talk to anyone, not her family or friends because she is so devastated that her and Mick have been separated and she'll never find anyone again(at the age of 16).  Then the novel ends with a mysterious message from her one true love, only to be revealed in the next book.

I found this book to be very unrealistic in the aspect that of love.  The fact that the fell in such love with in an hour of them talking was odd to me and hard to believe, besides the fact the the love was portrayed bad.  I would not recommend this book.