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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Love Between The Lines

Love Between The Lines by Taryn Plendl

It wasn't until i finished another book just how behind i might have gotten on my blogs, and to my followers and future followers, my apologies!! But now to the first book on my list of reviews to be :)

I cant really say that i liked this book.  It had a great story about finding love and how you come to know that you love and trust your significant other, whether it be your hand holding boyfriend, a serious girlfriend or your one and only partner in life, and i truly did love that about this book and the fact that the love was shared between letters found by someone anonymous. What i found myself having a hard time getting past though was the repetitiveness in each chapter. The chapters took turns between the main girl and the main guy and the end of one of thoughts would be the whole beginning to the next.  For example when he feels sorrow for not expressing his feelings to her he is standing at the window watching her, she sees him and he ducks under the seal.  Right after this part is closed in the chapter her chapter starts off saying that she was developing feelings for him and when she looked in the window she saw something quickly move.  And each chapter was like that, the thoughts were extremely repetitive making it almost obnoxious to even read.

Over-all i would defiantly say that this is not a favorite of mine and not going to be one that i re-read. If you however have interest in the book i would recommend it to a girl who is into the romance aspect in books. This to me was an easy read overall something that you could complete easily in a day or two if dedicated!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feel Free to Comment

Feel Free to Comment by Sara Peters

This book was interesting to me.  It took awhile to get really invested into all of the characters and the thoughts of each one of them.  At first i really hated the back and forth commentary as it switched between the characters, it seemed almost repetitive but then it turned into just picking up the story from each point of view with i appreciated how the author presented it, not a lot of people can pull off having each character as a chapter(a good example to me would be Ellen Hopkin's book Impluse). 

The main story in this novel is of two people who just met and immediately feel butterflies for each other and as there friendship grows there share their family and personal lives with each other getting them more fully invested to each other.  They try to avoid the feelings that they have, for nothing more that to avoid being hurt once again by someone they car about.  Eventually they part ways but still constantly think of each other, neither one being able to move on from their feelings.

I really liked the twist that was put into this book by the circle of friends and how the perspective of the book itself is actually written. I would recommend this book mostly to a teenage girl or woman just because of the love and romance part.  I really enjoyed Peter's writing style and the use of a blog to bind the feelings of the two main characters in the book!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Devil In Disguise

          Devil In Disguise by Heather Huffman

In the sequel to Jailbird, this story takes a main focus on Rachael Cooper the journalist who helped save Neena.  Everything in Rachael's life is easy and great besides the fact that she thinks she lost the love of her life, Conrad, because of her job.  When Rachael goes to visit her family for the 4th of July she learns that her sister Julia is going to meet a guy from the internet that night.  Rachael leaves in a storm that her mother didn't care about meeting the guy or not.  It isn't until when Julia doesn't return home that Rachael calls Conrad for help.  Conrad gets the FBI involved and they capture Julia from a trafficking ring, already beaten, drugged and traumatized.  Secrets start to pour out when Conrad is attacked and claimed to have been a traitor.
After everyone is taken out of the hospital they have to move and try to put back their lives starting at Neena's house.  Everything seems to be okay until they are found. Rachael is torn between helping her sister repair her life or trying to repair the love that was broken between her and Conrad.

This story keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what is going to happened. The relationships that grow throughout this book make it easy to relate to the characters and understand what panic they must have felt.  There is death in this story, sadness and horror as you read the story of what seems to be fake but in the end is described as happening everyday to girls mostly the age of 12-14 years old.

I absolutely loved this book and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is interested in mystery's/suspense and love novels. If you haven't yet read Jailbird i also recommend that book before this, but its set in an order to where you can read whichever first.  I honestly haven't enjoyed a two book series as much as i did this one!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Torn to Pieces

Torn to Pieces by Margot Mcdonnel

This book starts out as just another teen novel but takes an interesting point of view on the characters life. The main character of this book is a teen girl named Anne who is used to her mother being absent for most things in her life, but this one trip leaves Anne lost, confused but most of all worried.  After a couple more days of Anne's mother being lost a man starts leaving messages on there phone making threats to a women who nobody seems to know.  The only people Anne seems to be able to trust in this situation is her grandparents, this is a good step for her to finding out what is happening to her mom.  Her grandparents reveal an envelope that her mother wrote to Anne before she left, as Anne reads each page of the letter her normal world starts to shatter into something that she can't even begin to understand.

The letter reveals why her mom is gone and it also reveals some very important secrets that leave Anne in grave danger, and the only people that she thinks she can trust are her grandparents and the guy who came out of nowhere and claims to be someone he's not.

This book was interesting, it had a good string of events that kept you wanting to read more of it.  The first thing i thought of with this book is its similarity to Lock and Key, i liked this book and would recommend it to anyone who is a Sarah Dessen fan and mystery fans :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tending Lives

Tending Lives, Nurses on the Medical Front by Echo Heron

This book is so inspirational, it is filled with so many different stories of the good, the bad and the ugly that is the medical field.  What i liked most about this book is that it wasn't just the usual book about the doctors life in the practice, Echo explored every field from EMT's to a nurse who was being shunned for doing her job.

Each story was so different and so filled with emotions it was like being taken on a roller coaster, one moment your up and the next your either scarred, crying or laughing.  Echo Heron did a wonderful job of gather these real life stories about nurses, EMT's or whoever has been in the medical field to put together a book that is like no other.

I honestly don't know if i just liked this book because i have a strong interest in becoming a nurse and so this was an insight for me to read about and actually visualize the stories and the adventures that some of these people went through but i am absolutely positively in love with this book.

One of my favorite stories that i traveled upon was about a nurse who was on site the day of the Oklahoma City Bombing, it traveled through most of the staff on the shift telling about what they were doing before, how work had started and even gave a time/date perception to put the reader more into the story.  After the bombing the story took such an emotional turn, there was so many deaths describe and so gore to the ones who were injured.  It was such a moving story from the nurses perceptive and i actually found myself tearing a couple times during such brutal descriptions of tragic events.

I would most defiantly recommend this book to anyone who has even an inch of interest in the medical field or to someone who is looking for the medical version of the classic Chicken Soup series.

Monday, September 3, 2012


            Jailbird by Heather Huffman

This romantic suspense novel is such an amazing book, i never wanted to put it down!  This book is about a girl named Kali who is sent to a prison for the murder of a extremely wealthy man's son. At the chance of escape she runs and starts a new life in the Hamptons of Arkansas as Neena.  She finally has the life that she has with a family who took her in and cared for her.  Her life starts to grow more and more interesting when she falls in love with the small towns lawyer, Charlie.  After this point in the book sparks fly and the truth about her past is unraveled leaving the reader stunned and captivated in how dramatic of a turn her life takes.

The whole end of this book is about Neena Russel fighting for her justice and for the love of her life.  She ends up facing multiple obstacle's that have in the past been only nightmares.  This novel has an ending that makes the reader feel joy and an overwhelming relief for everything that Neena's been through.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time reading this book.  The suspense of what was to come was portrayed so amazingly in the novel! I would most defiantly recommended this to anyone or any age, any gender who is looking for a good suspense/mystery or a love story! I can't wait to read the next book of hers, Devil in Disguise, so stay tuned for my review on the sequel :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Wish I Would've

               I Wish I Would've by: Aynoit Asher

This short story is just one that you cant put down, it rollercoasters your emotions and makes you truely feel what the girl did.  This is normally a book that i wouldnt read but i was told about it by a dear friend of mine and im so happy about it.

In this story the girl (her name is never revealed) lives a difficult life with her mother who hates her father.  Finally after a fight about G-pa the girl decides that she's old enough to make her own decisions and go and visit him, she was to young to remember why her mother hated him.  Once shes at her G-Pa's though he keeps her capitive, rapes her and then uses her to make his own profit, everything is a nightmare from the darkness of the basement to the unprepared pregnacy.  This story takes a crazy and twisted ending when she finally escapes.  The ending leaves the reader feeling shocked and saddened about how this happens to even the most unsuspected people in life.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in relateable/real life stories.  The audience for this book is most likely a teenage girl or a older women who has lived and made it through an awful experience such as this.