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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feel Free to Comment

Feel Free to Comment by Sara Peters

This book was interesting to me.  It took awhile to get really invested into all of the characters and the thoughts of each one of them.  At first i really hated the back and forth commentary as it switched between the characters, it seemed almost repetitive but then it turned into just picking up the story from each point of view with i appreciated how the author presented it, not a lot of people can pull off having each character as a chapter(a good example to me would be Ellen Hopkin's book Impluse). 

The main story in this novel is of two people who just met and immediately feel butterflies for each other and as there friendship grows there share their family and personal lives with each other getting them more fully invested to each other.  They try to avoid the feelings that they have, for nothing more that to avoid being hurt once again by someone they car about.  Eventually they part ways but still constantly think of each other, neither one being able to move on from their feelings.

I really liked the twist that was put into this book by the circle of friends and how the perspective of the book itself is actually written. I would recommend this book mostly to a teenage girl or woman just because of the love and romance part.  I really enjoyed Peter's writing style and the use of a blog to bind the feelings of the two main characters in the book!

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