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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Love Between The Lines

Love Between The Lines by Taryn Plendl

It wasn't until i finished another book just how behind i might have gotten on my blogs, and to my followers and future followers, my apologies!! But now to the first book on my list of reviews to be :)

I cant really say that i liked this book.  It had a great story about finding love and how you come to know that you love and trust your significant other, whether it be your hand holding boyfriend, a serious girlfriend or your one and only partner in life, and i truly did love that about this book and the fact that the love was shared between letters found by someone anonymous. What i found myself having a hard time getting past though was the repetitiveness in each chapter. The chapters took turns between the main girl and the main guy and the end of one of thoughts would be the whole beginning to the next.  For example when he feels sorrow for not expressing his feelings to her he is standing at the window watching her, she sees him and he ducks under the seal.  Right after this part is closed in the chapter her chapter starts off saying that she was developing feelings for him and when she looked in the window she saw something quickly move.  And each chapter was like that, the thoughts were extremely repetitive making it almost obnoxious to even read.

Over-all i would defiantly say that this is not a favorite of mine and not going to be one that i re-read. If you however have interest in the book i would recommend it to a girl who is into the romance aspect in books. This to me was an easy read overall something that you could complete easily in a day or two if dedicated!

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