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Friday, September 7, 2012

Torn to Pieces

Torn to Pieces by Margot Mcdonnel

This book starts out as just another teen novel but takes an interesting point of view on the characters life. The main character of this book is a teen girl named Anne who is used to her mother being absent for most things in her life, but this one trip leaves Anne lost, confused but most of all worried.  After a couple more days of Anne's mother being lost a man starts leaving messages on there phone making threats to a women who nobody seems to know.  The only people Anne seems to be able to trust in this situation is her grandparents, this is a good step for her to finding out what is happening to her mom.  Her grandparents reveal an envelope that her mother wrote to Anne before she left, as Anne reads each page of the letter her normal world starts to shatter into something that she can't even begin to understand.

The letter reveals why her mom is gone and it also reveals some very important secrets that leave Anne in grave danger, and the only people that she thinks she can trust are her grandparents and the guy who came out of nowhere and claims to be someone he's not.

This book was interesting, it had a good string of events that kept you wanting to read more of it.  The first thing i thought of with this book is its similarity to Lock and Key, i liked this book and would recommend it to anyone who is a Sarah Dessen fan and mystery fans :)


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